Email Collection Strategies for eCommerce

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Email Collection Strategies for eCommerce

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Email is one of the main digital marketing channels, together with PPC, SMS, Organic Social, and SEO. Email is primarily considered a channel focused on retention in e-commerce. (although that doesn’t always have to be the case) Compared to the other channels, it typically has the highest return in terms of invested $ and effort. It is a relatively cheap channel and one that the marketing teams have a lot of direct control over its performance.

What is inside this guide:

✅ 10 email collection strategies for eCommerce

✅ A detailed explanation of why email collection is so important.

✅ The benchmark for what % of traffic should come from your email campaigns.

✅ Email Collection Strategies Audit - Checklist

✅ The business case of investing in email as opposed to online ads.

✅ Notion page with visual examples

Who might find this valuable:

👩‍💻 eCommerce email marketer who would love to capture more emails from website traffic.

👩‍💼 eCommerce chief marketing officer, who would love to allocate his marketing budget more effectively.

Who are we:

Datacop is a digital studio that helps eCommerce companies go from raw data to revenue 💰

We help eCommerce companies with the following:

👉🏻 Data Tracking best practices,

👉🏻 Data Movement across the organization with Data Pipelines,

👉🏻 Data Centralization with Data Warehouse,

👉🏻 Actionable Reporting,

👉🏻 Revenue Generating Use-Cases.

Over the last 6 years, we worked with 25+ eCommerce companies that generate between $10m - $300m in annual revenue.

If you would like to learn more about us, check out our website:

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